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Our Commitment: On-Site Delivery Right On Time

✓   Ground delivery to your location when needed
✓   Timely status updates given prior to and upon delivery
✓   Comprehensive support from start to finish
✓   Containers always delivered clean and ready for immediate use

Getting Ready for Delivery

While there are a few things to keep in mind to prepare for the delivery of your storage container, we aim to make the process as easy, straightforward and timely as possible. But in order to do so, we need your help to ensure your site is in good shape to receive your shipping container from a delivery truck and store it on site.

But once your storage container is offloaded at your location, you don’t have to worry about assembling anything. Our storage containers come full armed and ready for you to start loading your items and belongings. That is, of course, if you follow our simple step-by-step process to prepare for delivery.

So what’s that process? How can you prepare for delivery to ensure a swift and satisfactory experience once the container truck shows up at your storage location? Simply follow this step-by-step guide.

1. Determine a Spot with Adequate Space for Delivery

Please ensure your storage location is large enough to receive the container. A quick trick to determine if you have enough space is to double the length of your storage container and then check to make sure your site has this much space of straight line clearance.

2. Prepare the Foundation of the Drop Site

Considering the strength and weight of containers reside in their four corners, it’s important to ensure your storage container is adequately supported by a fairly flat, firm and smooth surface to keep the container level and its corners supported. This means the surface of your storage location and the roads or driveways leading to it should be well paved. We can safely deliver your storage container and drop it off on cement, pavement, asphalt, gravel, grass or dirt as long as it’s not too soft.

We also recommend that you avoid placing your storage container in low-lying areas that don’t have proper drainage to avoid the possibility of your container sinking in to the ground during a flood. If you don’t have a storage location with a desirable foundation, you can use blocks of wood or concrete to support the container at the four corners. Or, alternatively, you can also purchase or rent a container chassis from us to hold your storage container evenly, elevate it off the ground and enhance the portability of your unit.

3. Clear Any Overhead Interferences

The next step to prepare your storage location for delivery is to ensure it’s easily accessible by a container delivery truck and free from any overhead trees, wires or anything in the pathway of the truck that may stand in the way of delivery.

4. Decide Whether You Want “Doors to Rear” or “Doors to Cab”

Prior to the delivery of your container, your representative and point of contact will ask whether you want your storage container placed on our delivery truck with the “doors to rear” or “doors to cab”. This determines where the container will face when it’s offloaded at your storage site. Your representative at P’s Container Sales and Storage can walk you through this process and help you make the right decision so your storage container is delivered the way you want and faces the appropriate direction for easy storage use.

Transportation Services

Or do you need to transport your container from your current storage location to some place new? No problem, we can help!

Forklift for Container Delivery and Transportation Services

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