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Container Modifications and Custom Solutions

Quick. Easy. Clean.

We’re honored to present a long-awaited solution to your custom storage container needs at an outstanding value. Our container modifications not only provide cost-effective, quick and clean additions to the standard portable storage concept — they do so in style!

Our storage container modifications are second to none in presentation, convenience, cost, consistency, UTILITY, and FUNCTIONALITY. Our team of highly-trained and skilled welders and prefabrication specialists pay careful attention to detail to guarantee the structural integrity of each and every container modification, whether big or small.

Completed, refined and inspected according to our stringent modification guidelines, our container modifications are guaranteed to be completed ON TIME and in the EXACT way we promise to you.

Container Modification Options and Storage Add-Ons

✓   Custom Paint

✓   Heavy-Duty Steel Lockbox

✓   Insulation

✓   A/C & HVAC

✓   Electrical Packages

✓   Skylights

✓   Turbine Vents

✓   Louvered Vents

✓   Framed Windows

✓   Roll-Up Doors

✓   Man / Entry Doors

✓   Additional Double Doors

Modified Containers Built for You & What You Do

Our container modifications include an impressive array of fit and finishes that are standard in the modular world but unique to portable storage containers. And if you’re not sure what you need, our modification team is always available to help you nail down the details.

Included in our menu of container modifications are quick, easy add-ons to help you maximize the usable space inside your storage container. And the best partyou don’t have to install anything yourself.

Our turnkey modified containers come ready-to-use and are thoroughly reviewed by our team to ensure each and every one of our finished modified containers is defined by high-performance and quality construction.

Timely Custom Containers & Competitive Pricing Guaranteed

We don’t claim that our storage container modifications can be completed in unrealistic time frames but rest assured they can be easily delivered in a few business days depending on the nature and level of modifications requested. And we promise the total cost of our modified containers is always the most competitive in the industry!

P’s Container Sales Modification Price Sheet

Container Size Price
20′ Container $400
40′ Container $600
40′ High Cube Container $750
45′ High Cube Container $950
Roll-Up Door Size Price
4′ x 6′ x 8” $545
6′ x 6′ x 8” $645
7′ x 6′ x 8” $745
8′ x 6′ x 8” $845
Entry Door Details Price
36” Steel Man Door with Hardware $850
Insulation Type Price
10′ Wood Paneling with Insulation $2,000
20′ Wood Paneling with Insulation $3,400
40′ Wood Paneling with Insulation $5,200
Skylight Size Price
24” x 24” $475
24” x 48” $600
Vent Size Price
12” x 12” $125
Vent Size Price
Standard $150
Type Price
8,000 BTU A/C $850
12,000 BTU A/C $1,000
8,000 BTU HVAC $1,300
12,000 BTU HVAC $1,500
10′ Unit Package Bundled Price = $950
1 Ceiling Light
1 On & Off switch
3 Outlets
1 Braker Box
1 A/C Outlet


20′ Unit Package Bundled Price = $1,225
2 Ceiling Lights
1 On & Off switch
4 Outlets
1 Braker Box
1 A/C Outlet


40′ Unit Package Bundled Price = $2,250
3 Ceiling Lights
1 On & Off switch
6 Outlets
1 Braker Box
1 A/C Outlet
Lock Box Price
Standard $100
Window Size Price
36” x 36” $500
36” x 48” $650
10′ Conversion Details Price
20′ Standard Container cut into two 10′ Units with one Roll-Up Door (RUD) $1,595

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