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Storage Containers for Sale

Low-Cost On-Site Storage in an Impenetrable Steel Frame

At P’s Container Sales and Storage, transparency is at the soul of our family-owned portable storage container business. And as we see it, in order to be a transparent company, we first need to establish trust with you, our customers. In our eyes, this means providing the most up-to-date, accurate and timely information regarding shipping container pricing and the current portable storage market.

Empowered by our commitment to Trust, Truth and Transparency, we’re dedicated to optimizing and furthering the portable storage movement by providing:

✓   Weather-resistant, low-maintenance and high-security steel storage containers
✓   Transparent pricing based on the current container marketplace
✓   Readily-available communications so you can always get in contact with us

Are you renovating, moving or just don’t have any more space left to squeeze out of your workplace, home or warehouse? Let us help with headache-free and virtually maintenance-free on-site storage units and custom container solutions delivered right to your doorstep.

Tech Talk: Container Sizes, Specs & Storage Space

10’ Storage Container

20’ Storage Container

40ft Storage Container for Sale

40’ Storage Container

40’ High Cube

What are the different sizes of storage containers for sale that we offer? In addition to the most common container sizes—including standard 20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers and 40 ft High Cube unitswe also offer 10 ft, 45 ft and 53 ft storage container sizes. The noticeable difference between the different size containers is their length, which impacts their storage capacity AND the required amount of on-site storage space.

Now when it comes to storage use, there’s almost no difference between a standard 40ft and 40ft High Cube shipping container. The only difference is that a High Cube container has an extra foot of overhead space.

With 12 more inches of vertical storage capacity, High Cube containers are sometimes used to accommodate oversized, bulky and/or awkwardly-sized storage items.

Shipping Container Specs for Portable Storage

Specs for All Storage Container Lengths: 10’, 20’, 40’, 45’ and 53’

Internal Width & Height External Width & Height Door Dimensions
Inside Width: 7’ 8″ Outside Width: 8’ 0″ Door Width: 7’ 8″
Inside Height: 7’ 10″ Outside Height: 8’ 6″ Door Height: 7’ 5″
For High Cubes: 8’ 10″ For High Cubes: 9’ 10″

The Nitty Gritty: Container Conditions and Grades

With a variety of shipping container conditions and grades available, not all storage containers are the same.

So what are the different container conditions and grades available and their practical benefits?

And which is right for you?

Storage Container Conditions and Grades

Get the Storage Container Condition That Fits Your Needs

One-Trip (New) Units

20' New/One-Trip Steel Storage ContainerOne-Trip storage containers are as close as you can get to a brand spanking new shipping container without having to pay double, triple or even more for one built in the U.S.

“One-Trip” means the storage container has made a single trip carrying cargo from China, where shipping containers are manufactured, to a port near you.

✓   Manufactured new at the point of origin in Asia
✓   Fresh coat of paint and sturdy steel doors that easily swing open and shut
✓   Used only once when shipping from the overseas manufacturer

Wind and WaterTight (WWT, A-Grade) Units

WWT Container Condition FeaturesDesigned to go toe to toe up against the most volatile and relentless weather conditions, WWT units are the most popular shipping container condition repurposed for secure (yet still affordable) on-site portable storage. While these units are no longer actively used to transport cargo overseas, WWT containers are a silver bullet, go-to solution for both temporary and long-term solution.

Our WWT storage containers are characterized by:

✓   100% Corten weathering steel
✓   Reinforced floors designed to withstand heavy and frequent use
✓   Galvanized paint resistant to rust, corrosion and weather damage
✓   Long-term performance as on-site storage containers

Reconditioned Shipping Storage ContainersReconditioned (Refurbished) Units

Want a nice-looking container but don’t want to pay for a One-Trip unit?

Reconditioned storage containers are WWT units that we carefully refurbished in our storage yard by removing any dings and dents and giving them a fresh coat of resilient, Direct-to-Metal (DTM) paint.

✓   Fresh coat of direct-to-metal (DTM) paint
✓   Locking bars, brackets and door seals in good working condition
✓   Locally inspected and repaired to Wind and WaterTight (WWT) condition
✓   Power sprayed, patched, spot primed and sanded
✓   Surface rust ground off
✓   No holes or major dents
✓   Container rests flat on the surface

Cargo Worthy (CW, ISO-certified) Units

Cargo Worthy 45' High Cube Container for SaleContainers in Cargo Worthy condition have been thoroughly examined by a certified Institute of International Container Lessors IICL inspector.

A certified Cargo Worthy shipping container means the unit has met the criteria outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). As such, Cargo Worthy storage containers can be used to transport cargo and storage items across any mode of transportation, whether it’s via truck, train, or ship.

✓   Can be used ship/transport cargo and your storage items
✓   Structurally sound and in Wind and WaterTight (WWT) condition
✓   No holes or major dents
✓   The container sits flat on the ground/surface

As Is (B-Grade) Units

Shipping container for sale in Cargo Worthy conditionUp for a gamble? Willing to take a chance on a storage container with no guarantees but for a substantially lower price? If you’re willing to roll the dice, As Is containers may or may not bring up the perfect Yahtzee for you.

But then again, you’re flying blind when getting a storage container for sale in As-Is condition. In full transparency, you’re banking on your odds when you purchase an As-Is unit. You might get a storage container with holes that’s not wind and watertight, which leaves your storage items vulnerable to outside elements. But then again, you never know. You could come up on top with a perfectly structurally- and functionally-sound storage container for a bargain price.

Only the Best: Repairs and Modifications

If a used container we offer has any defects or is not guaranteed to be Wind and WaterTight (WWT) after marine use, we offer repair services. Our repair processes are designed to identify and rectify any issues and are managed in accordance with the procedures specified by the IICL.

And if you need a little more functionality out of a standard steel shipping container, we also offer customer modifications that are handled by our team of container fabrication specialist.

View Modifications >>

Storage Container Repairs and Modifications

Right On Time: The Delivery Process

At P’s Container Sales and Storage, we’re committed to safely delivering your storage container directly to your location within a matter of just a few days and a predictable time frame. Our highly experienced and accomplished delivery drivers are trained to carefully drop your clean and fully-equipped storage container at your site for immediate use. This way you can instantly begin loading your unit and make use of your new hassle-free on-site storage solution.

✓   On Schedule
✓   Stress-Free
✓   Excellent Service

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Pests Be Gone! Storage Container Security Features

One of the most vital characteristics of any storage solution, whether it’s an on-site or off-site storage unit, is security. After all, what’s the point of storing your belongings, tools, and valuables if they’re not adequately protected from bugs, rodents, burglars and other pests and uninvited guests?

Our storage containers for sale are defined by their high-security and impermeability. They’re also virtually maintenance-free. This means you can rest easy knowing your storage items are safe and sound in your storage container, as long as you lock it up when you’re away.

And the good news is, we also offer heavy-duty, industrial-grade, 100% steel lockboxes for ultimate storage container security.

Shipping Container Security

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

What about the cost of storage containers for sale? Well, that depends on a variety of factors, including add-on, types of finishes, and your container provider’s connections in the shipping container industry. Typically, however, to get the most bang for your buck without skimping on quality, going with a standard 20ft or 40ft container, or even a 40ft High Cube container, in Wind and WaterTight (WWT) condition is your best bet because they’re the most commonly-used, readily-available and structurally-sound storage containers.

It’s also important to work with a reliable company that provides upfront pricing on current storage containers for sale and sources directly from dependable shipping lines. This way you can enjoy competitive pricing, high-performing storage containers, and timely freight/delivery to your site.

Are you looking for a refreshingly modern, easy-to-use and low-cost storage solution built for a lifetime? At P’s Container Sales and Storage, our goal is to provide Trust, Truth, and Transparency so you always have peace of mind you’re getting a high-quality storage container and real, market-based pricing.

Have Questions About Our Storage Containers for Sale?

We’re here to help. Whether you’re just doing some research or ready to purchase, we’re not only big on transparency, but we’re also real people passionate about providing you with products and services that uphold our reputation and satisfy your on-site storage needs in a whole new way. Have a question or need a quote? We’re just a phone call or form submission away!

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